M2B System

1) Manual

1-1 Manual (for students)

After logging in to Moodle, please refer to the Manual (For students) in the ~LINK~ block. (Moodle log-in is required)

1-2 Manual(For faculty and staff)

After logging in to Moodle, please refer to the Manual(For faculty and staff) in the ~LINK~ block. (Moodle log-in is required)

2) Frequently asked questions

The M2B System’s recommended browsers for Windows and Mac are Chrome and Firefox.

2-1 Moodle

2-1-1 All users
Unable to log in
In order to access Moodle, please log in using your university ID (SSO-KID).
For more information on your university ID (SSO-KID), please refer to https://web.sso.kyushu-u.ac.jp/english/English.html
Can I change my email address?
You cannot change your email address. Since the university email settings have already been established, please use the university email forwarding service as necessary.
Can I check my Moodle message history?
Yes, you can. After logging in to Moodle, click on the name that appears in the upper right corner and select the message. In message navigation, please select the type of message you want to check.
2-1-2 Student
In the event that I mistakenly enroll myself for a course, can I cancel my enrolment?
After accessing the course in question, please click on the course administration panel in the course administration block on the right side of the screen and click on [unenrol me from **(course name)].

However, it will not be possible to cancel your enrolment for a course if you were enrolled on that course by a faculty member or system administrator.
If you are having difficulty cancelling your enrolment from a course you do not wish to be enrolled on, please contact a faculty member of M2B administrator.
2-1-3 Faculty
The course does not display for students.
Please ensure that the course is in display mode.
For further instructions, please refer to [2.3.1 Moodle course visibility] in the M2B Manual (For faculty and staff).
How do I enroll students on a course?
When using the Moodle course, students can click on [self enrolment]. Self enrolment is completed by the student after clicking on the course and then clicking [enroll myself].
For further instructions on self enrolment, please refer to [2.2 Course Enrollment (Self-Enrollment)] in the M2B students’s manual.
How do I enroll additional faculty members on a course for which multiple faculty members are in charge of?
After opening the Moodle course screen, please select [Course administration] → [Users] → [Enrolled users] from the administration block on the left side of the page.
Click on [Enrol users] in the upper right of the screen. Assign a role for the faculty member and look them up in the search field (searching for them by their university email address is the most reliable means of retrieving their information).
Click on the [Enrol] button on the right side of the name and then click on [Finish enrolling users].
Please refer to [ Searching for and enrolling users] in the M2B Manual (For faculty and staff) for further information.
I am the course’s lead instructor, however I cannot edit the course. How do I change my role (permission)?
Please ask a faculty member with permissions (enrolled in the faculty role) to follow the instructions below:

1. After opening the Moodle course screen, please select [Course administration] → [Users] → [Enrolled users] from the administration block on the left side of the page
2. A list of users enrolled on the course will be displayed, from which you can search for the faculty member in question. Please click on the empty space in the [Roles] column.
3. Select [Teacher] when the [Assign roles] pop-up appears.
A lesson date and time has mistakenly been added to the lesson attendance administration list. Can I delete this?
Yes, you can.
1. On the lesson list screen, check the box in the ‘Action’ column, located to the right of the date you want to delete.
2. After finishing your selection click [Delete Select], located under the list.
3. The lesson will be deleted after clicking [Delete] on the confirmation screen.
I’m thinking of registering attendance automatically・semi-automatically. In this case, should I remove the box for [Deny same IP]?
Please remove this.
If this has been checked, the system will not be able to register the attendance of students who have accessed the Moodle course from the same IP from the second student onwards
Because students logged into edunet are essentially identified by the same IP address, please remove this box.
I’m thinking of registering attendance automatically・semi-automatically but, when I try to add an attendance link, a [Incorrect function] message appears.
It seems that the system tried to add automatic attendance twice.
The automatic attendance icon is used once for each course, not once for each lesson in that course.
It will be easier for students to understand if the icon is placed beneath the [News forum], in the upper section of the screen.
How can I get in contact with all of the course’s participants?
After accessing the course, click [Participants] in the navigation block.
After clicking [Select all] in the section at the bottom of the screen, please select [Send a message] from the pull-down menu.
After filling in the message body, click [Preview] and click [Send message] after checking the contents of the message.
A copy of the message will also be sent to students’ email addresses.

※In the event that course enrolment exceeds 20 participants, the list will be displayed across the page.
Click on [Show all ***(participants)], which appears at the bottom left of the screen displaying the list of participants.
Is there a way to make a particular resource available to one group only, and prevent other groups from having access to that resource?
There is. Select [Edit settings] in the resource and activity section. Then, click [Restrict access] > [Access restrictions] > [Group].
Click on the [eye icon], located to the left of the box that allows you to select a group. This allows you to decide what a user is permitted to see or not see.
   Can I add video files to the course?
You can upload a video file to a site such as YouTube and post a URL link to that site on the course page.

Alternatively, you can upload a video file to the Moodle course page directly. The file size limit is 1GB.
File formats: mp3,mp4,swf,mov,wmv,flv,mpg,avi,ram,rpm,rm,m4v
   Can I upload files which are hidden from students?
   Yes. Firstly, select [File] from the [Add a resource] menu. When the settings screen opens, set the visibility setting in the [Common module settings] section to [Hide].
   Can I trial a prepared questionnaire or quiz?
You can do this by switching into the [Student] role to take the exam. Afterwards, you can check the results by switching back to the [Teacher] role.
For further information on how to switch roles, please refer to [2.9 Changing Roles] in the M2B Manual (For faculty and staff).
(Please be advised that the results of the questionnaire will be comprised of the answers that you provided in the [Student] role).
   Can I copy activities (such as quizzes or questionnaires) to other courses?
   You can import activities if you have teacher permissions on both the copy source and the copy destination of the courses in question.
For more detailed information on how to self-register, please refer to [2.18 Import (Copying content between courses)] in the M2B Manual (For faculty and staff).

In order to set the date and time for the quiz or questionnaire (timing and access restrictions etc.), you will need to reconfigure the settings.
   Can I unenroll a student who has enrolled on a course by mistake?
   Yes, you can.
Firstly, open the Moodle course screen. Select [Course administration] → [User] → [Enrolled users] from the administration block on the left-hand side of the screen.

When the list of users enrolled on the course appears, look up the student’s name in the search field and click on the [x] button to the right of their name.
When the confirmation screen appears, click [Continue] to complete the process.
   Downloading all of the files submitted for an assignment at once has corrupted the filenames.
   Please use UTF-8-compatible decompression software.
(For example, you can use CubeICE orALZip to resolve any decompression issues)
2-1-4 Administration
Please show me each role’s authorities.
Please refer to the "List of Permissions of Each Role" to learn more about each role’s authorities.

2-2 Mahara

2-2-1 All users
How do I log in to the Mahara system’s e-Portfolio?
Firstly, log in to Moodle. After clicking on the Mahara link, you will be automatically logged in.
2-2-2 Teachers
How can I request a student to write a journal in the e-Portfolio system?
If, for instance, the teacher wishes share the journal with themselves only (for the purposes of reading it or leaving comments), please use the block for creating a student journal on the Moodle course page.
For more detailed information on the block for creating student journals, please refer to the [Student journal (Learning portfolio)] in the M2B Manual (For faculty and staff).

Please contact the M2B Administrator (m2b-officeartsci.kyushu-u.ac.jp) to learn more about sharing student journals with multiple teachers.
※A university email address is required of each faculty member with whom the diary is to be shared.

2-3 BookQ

2-3-1 All users
I’ve logged in to Moodle, but the log in screen still appears in BookQ
After logging in to Moodle, you can automatically log in to BookRoll by clicking on the BookRoll link at the top right-hand side of the Moodle screen.
Can I download and print files of BookQ teaching materials?
You cannot download and print teaching materials. Nor can you copy any of the materials.
2-3-2 Faculty and staff
What kind of files can be registered for BookQ, the digital textbook system?
PDF files only.
What are the differences between [Public], [Limited] and [Private], in terms of access to teaching materials?
[Public] All faculty, staff and students with a Kyushu University SSO-KID number can access these materials
[Limited] All faculty, staff and students with a Kyushu University SSO-KID number who have been given the correct URL can access these materials. This is helpful for making lecture materials public.
[Private] Only the owner of the material has access to this material.
If I click on the BookQ URL (the link to BookQ teaching materials) within Moodle, BookQ opens within the same window. Is it possible to change the settings so that the BookRoll page opens in a new browser window?
You can change the settings so that a new BookQ browser window appears by clicking on [Appearance] → [Show] → [In pop-up] on the screen for editing the BookQ URL settings.
Please advise us of any copyright restrictions relating to the use of images or figures obtained from commercially available textbooks or other teachings materials.
Certain restrictions (such as crediting the correct source) affect the use of such materials.
For more information, please refer to the following URL. This is the URL for the Innovation Center for Educational Resources, where you can find more detailed information surrounding copyright policy.

3) Contact information

3-1 For students

PC support room
Room number 1410, Center Zone 1, Ito campus, Kyushu University
Telephone number: 092-802-5892
Email: m2b-office<at>artsci.kyushu-u.ac.jp

3-2 For teachers

M2B office
Room number A201, West Zone 1, Ito campus, Kyushu University
Telephone number: 092-802-5857
Email: m2b-office<at>artsci.kyushu-u.ac.jp